A delicious way to end your day

A delicious way to end your day

A delicious way to end your dayA delicious way to end your dayA delicious way to end your day

Common Questions


How does your service work?

  • Sign  up to receive your weekly email with new menu choices.
  • Reply to your weekly email choosing from the 3 new entres and desserts.  Emails are delivered every Sunday and a response is needed by the following Friday.
  • Dinners are delivered to your home, workplace or meeting place the following Tuesday and Wednesday.

Do you accommodate dietary preferences?

Yes,we offer a Vegetarian meal every week as one of our choices.  There several are other options and substitutions available to meet your special requirements.  Chef D is happy to discuss specific dietary preferences and accommodate when possible. 

Where do you deliver?

We deliver dinners to customers located in Medford, Jacksonville, Ashland, Central Point and Grants Pass within reason, and approval..   When we get your request for a weekly menu a delivery address is one of the required fields used to determine if delivery is possible.  

Do I have to eat my dinner the day it arrives?

No you do not have to eat your dinner on the day it arrives.  An expiration date is on the cooking instructions and it is typically about 5 days.  Most Dinners can also be frozen and saved for another day.  .

How do I store and prepare my dinner?

Dinners are delivered by our staff n person to your home or workplace.  We ask that you keep dinners refrigerated until placed in the oven or microwave  following heating instructions that are provided. If you are not going to be at your delivery location we ask that you provide us with a cold bag/ice chest and payment to ensure your food remains fresh and delicious.  

Do you take Pay Pal or Credit Cards?

Currently we do not accept Credit Cards or Pay Pal.  We do however gladly accept checks and cash.  Gift Cards can also be purchased by calling our number provided..